My Portfolio

Welcome to my video editing portfolio! I’m excited to showcase my passion for video editing and highlight some of the incredible projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on! 

Diverse Range of


From quick and engaging social media videos to longer vlogs, montages, and promotional content…my portfolio encompasses a diverse range of editing styles! It’s been so rewarding to collaborate with such amazing individuals.

Showcasing Moments from

the Podcast

As the host of  The Decision Day podcast, I’ve had the chance to gather and share various perspectives from successful individuals throughout a bunch of different careers! By transforming these valuable conversations into compelling videos for social media, many people can learn and become inspired about their options for life after graduation!

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Here are a few projects I’ve worked on with successful entrepreneurs, business professionals and some promotional assets for events!


Here are some of the comments and testimonials left by those who have been satisfied or entertained while watching.

I watched that without sound and you captured my attention the whole time.


I literally started watching it and thought “this guy is worth turning the volume on for” and then was like “shoot that’s me?!” I never want to watch my own videos, so you did amazing.”